Personal Coaching & Mentoring

  • Nearly 7 in 10 CEO’s said having a mentor is very important
  • 74% said their mentors are peer CEO’s, executives & Learning specialists
  • Two thirds of them are already mentors

Why do you need Coaching & Mentoring?

  • Winning Organizations are Learning Organizations
  • To maximize knowledge transfer
  • To increase the skill levels
  • For succession planning

To maximize knowledge transfer

  • Coaching & Mentoring provides a learning channel that effectively transfers knowledge within the organization
  • Critical knowledge is maintained in the organization
  • Contextual learning is evident

To increase skill levels

  • The coaches and mentors can very effectively transfer core skills
  • Customization of skills in relation to the core activities of the business is retained
  • Cross training of staff can be achieved

For succession planning

  • The ability for the organization to identify ‘fast track’ candidates and prepare them for new jobs is enhanced by coaching & mentoring
  • Coaching & Mentoring can ensure continuity of performance when key staff leave the organization because core skills have been transferred
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