JVC Sreeram's Profile

J.V.C. Sreeram is the Founder & CEO of Aura Leadership Foundation which was established in March 2000 with a mission to inspire, empower & energize people to produce peak performances. He is the Master Franchise of Asentiv in South India & Goa. He runs his operations in Asia, Europe, USA and Africa.

JVC Sreeram is Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader, Business Consultant, Corporate Training Guru, Business Coach, Networking Expert and a former BNI Director. He has put in over 100,000 professional development hours of training people in Europe, Africa and Asia. He is a Certified Networker trained in Los Angeles, USA. Sreeram is mentoring Training professionals to help them set up Franchises of Aura Leadership Foundation and Asentiv.

Sreeram is one of the most influential speakers in the world. His powerful voice and awesome energy in training delivery must be seen to be believed. It is for this reason that he is considered as one most of distinguished communicators in the corporate world.

JVC. Sreeram has been retained by top notch Global Corporates to build World Class Sales Teams and he has developed path breaking Training models such as BTOPS Leadership, Winning in Selling, “KNOWN FOR” Service, “Beyond Your Comfort Zone” & etc.
His passion to help Entrepreneurs inspired to him to bring Asentiv to India. Asentiv is a World Class Referral Marketing Consulting, Training & Coaching firm founded by Dr. Ivan Misner and Mike Macedonia.
Sreeram has trained several CEO’s, top Managers, Chartered Accountants, Senior Doctors, Police Officers, IT professionals, Management Professionals from top Business Schools and others across 3 continents. He has trained over 10000 CA’s in India, Dubai and Europe.
He is a retained Training Consultant for large companies in Asia, East Africa & Europe. His base is in Hyderabad & travels across the Globe to offer his Speaking, Training, Coaching & Strategic Consulting Services.

He is also a Social worker and is the Trustee of 2 charitable Trusts engaged in providing support for education to underprivileged children.

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