Your Passion can be put in Pause Mode but never on Stop Mode

I take pride in saying this since I live by this statement everyday, “Choose the job that you enjoy the most and you would never have to work for the rest of your life”. Work and Live with Passion is my mantra. I firmly believe that if you are not happy in job you cannot be happy in life since we spend more than 35% of our life in job and we need to do what we are passionate about.

In one of my session that I had with a bunch of newly qualified Chartered Accountants in 2007 I elaborated on the above and urged people to work from their heart. I told them that money is not the most important thing in the beginning of one’s career and if they could chase their passion money would chase to be with them in the later stages of their career. I loved the session.

After the session I was approached by a young girl who looked confused and concerned and sought a few minutes from me. I gladly obliged.

She told me that her passion in life is to work in Capital Markets and she aspired to be become one of the largest Fund Managers in the country. She added by saying that she got an offer from a Mutual Fund house but the offer was only Rs. 3,50,000 since she did not have the experience while she had another offer from a Manufacturing Company and the offer was Rs. 10,00,000/. She also added that the she did not like the job profile from the Manufacturing Company.

I thought it was a non issue since she had just heard me saying Work with Passion.

But then she went on to tell me that her mother is a widow who works as a servant maid, she has an younger sister who sacrificed her studies so that this girl could become a CA and she has an younger brother who is about to enter into an Engineering College. She then told me the responsibilities she had before herself and how confused she was to decide weather to go with her Passion or with Money.

She asked me, “Sir, would you still advice me to go by my heart”?

I said your Passion can wait. Put your Passion on Pause mode but not on Stop mode. Fulfill all your responsibilities and the biggest is to ensure that you give the best of luxuries to your mother and show her the glorious side of life. Once you have fulfilled your responsibility then you can take up your passion.

I added sometimes in life you may not be able to choose your job but at least you have the right to “Choose your Attitude towards the Job” since this job is going to allow you to fulfill another passion of your life that is to make your mother happy.

A year back she called me to say that her life was actually going in Top Gear and she fulfilled all the major responsibilities and now is a Technical Analyst in a large Fund House earning over 2 million Indian Rupees.

My Dear Friends,

  1. Choose the job that you enjoy the most but if you cannot for some reason at least Choose your attitude towards the job.
  2. When you work with the right attitude sooner or later you would do what you’re Passionate about.
  3. You can put your Passion on Pause mode but never put it on Stop mode.

Work with Passion & Live with Passion.
Passionately yours.

Loving you.

JVC Sreeram

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