“Winning in Selling”

…Selling & Negotiation Skills

Don’t Sell Products or Services but Sell Buying Experiences:

Today you no more sell a product or a service instead you sell an experience. Be it you sell a “pen or an aero plane or an ad space”, buyers don’t just look at a product’s feature or pricing but they look at the value that they “get” and that is what we at Aura say training people to sell “Buying Experiences”. Our workshops on Selling Skills help the salespeople to sell experience to the buyers so that buyers look to come again and repurchase the products and services from you.

Increase Customer Loyalty: Transform from a Salesperson to a Buying Consultant

In todays market condition it’s not about selling products but helping customers to buy. Our innovative sales training workshops transform “Salespeople into Buying Consultants” since today’s buyers are not going to buy what is available of the shelf or in the cart but are going to buy what offers them the maximum value. What is even more important is to realize the fact that no two customer’s preferences & experiences are alike and hence the salespeople need to individualize every interaction and focus on narrow segmentation.

Handling Different Types of People: Probing & Objection Handling:

With the advent of technology & internet the buyers of the new millennium are more knowledgeable. Either buyer comes with lots of objections or they are passively hearing to the salesperson’s pitch making their own judgments. Our Participative Sales Training Model helps the buying consultant to handle most of these scenarios. In the former case we help the buying consultant to preempt the objection & handle them in a professional manner and in the later case we train the executives & managers to ask relevant probes which could involve the buyer’s attention & participation.

Increase 25% of your bottom-line: Prospecting, Cross Selling & Repeat Sales:

In this era of interdependence & networking we help our participants find creative methods of prospects generation & customer acquisition. Statistics from the world-renowned agencies say that it costs 6 times more to acquire a new customer than the money you spend to retain a new customer. It doesn’t stop here the data also points that 5% increase in retaining existing customer base translates into 25% increase in profitability. The result of this is that the workshops focuses on retaining existing customer base by doing cross & top selling which are vital contributors to the bottom-line of any business.

“Bring them Back” - Reactivation:

However great a business could be it cannot be insulated from the loss of customers or inactive customers due to competition, peer pressure & imminent slowdown of economy and hence we have a robust model on Reactivation of accounts,

Delight Customers: Negotiation & Closing Skills:

Finally, the success of any business enterprise depends upon its employee’s ability to negotiate in a street smart manner and close sales. Our Sales module helps its participants to negotiate a Win-Win deal with their customers and close more sales successfully to the satisfaction of the company & delight of the customer.

Get People Right” - X” Factor:

To successfully implement all these strategies the “X” Factor is the Attitude of the employees and hence we place a very high emphasis on sharpening the Attitudes of salespeople since we believe that the “Attitude of the individual that determines the Altitude of one’s success.
“Winning in Selling” aims at making people street-smart, which is the key ingredient for a salesperson to be successful. Through this workshop the sales people would be able to:
“Don’t sell products or services but sell Buying Experiences”

“Want to know how to increase 25% of your bottom-line of your business”

“Turn your salespeople into Buying Consultants”

Scope of the Program

Attitudinal Development - “It’s the Winning Attitude that differentiates the successful salesperson from others”

  • Pride and Passion to be a salesperson
  • ICAN Attitude, Positive and Possibility Thinking
  • Building a positive Self-Image
  • Developing Confidence & Enthusiasm
  • Integrity, Discipline & Follow Up in Selling
  • Obsession to Win & Producing Peak Performance

Skills Development – Selling is a psychological warfare and to win one must know, ‘When to do, What?

  • Communication, Tele Sales, Listening & Presentation Skills
  • Probing Skills
  • Overcoming Rejections
  • Width & Depth in Distribution
  • Visibility, Credibility and Profitability in Selling
  • Persuasion and converting No’s into Yes’s
  • Identifying the Objection and Convincing the Prospect
  • Empathy, Mapping People & Developing Winning Relationships thru’ Empathy
  • Negotiation Skills & Closing Techniques
  • Planning & Prioritization
  • O3 Process

Knowledge Development – The key is ‘To Know: What to Know’

  • Product, Competition, Pricing and Territory Knowledge
  • Sales Burgers – Key to Selling Benefits rather than features
  • Identifying Different Motives in Buyers
  • Known Secrets in Selling, Credit Management & Decoding Buyer’s Syndromes and Excuses
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