Villain and Hero of Your Life

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Think of the movie Sholay and the first character that comes to the mind is Gabbar. You can’t visualize the Bollywood Blockbuster movie Sholay without mentioning the name of Gabbar who happened to be the villain in the movie. He brought that charm to the movie.

Ramayana would not have happened without Ravana. Without the villain Ravana, Lord Rama and Sita would have spent their time in the forests and happily got back to Ayodhya to rule the Kingdom. It was Ravana who made us realize the greatness of Lord Shri Ram and the prowess of Hanuman.

Christianity would have never born without Judas. It was because Judas betrayed Jesus that he was caught. Jesus was then crucified. But for him being crucified he would have never resurrected. Due to the act of resurrection Christianity was born.

For Christianity to be born Jesus had to resurrect and for him to resurrect he had to be crucified and him to be crucified he had to be betrayed. It was the act of betrayal of Judas which led to the birth of Christianity. When Bible says love thy enemies is because Jesus understood that without an enemy heroes are never born.

In fact all the Indian scriptures taught this much before the advent of Christianity into the planet earth.

When I see people fretting and fuming about those who had betrayed them, let them down and cheated them I want to reach out to each one of them and say, my dear friend for you to be a hero in your life there had to be villains. Without those people you would have never become a hero in your life.

Most of the turning points of our life happened because someone chose to let us down and from those moments of disaster we scripted our life story. In fact it is not a friend of yours who allowed you to express the true strength of your character or let you exhibit your tenacity but on the contrary it was that villain of your life who made you strong and tough.

For you to become a hero there had to be few villains in your life. Drop the hatred and in fact be grateful to them for having shown the true “You” to “You”

Loving you.

JVC Sreeram

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