Relationship Marketing

There are only 4 ways to market your business:

  1. Advertising
  2. Public Relations
  3. Cold Calling
  4. Leads and Referrals through Word of Mouth of Marketing

The best and the most economic method to generate business is through the 4th way through WOM

Get Ready for an Amazing Business &Spectacular Life

  • Discover how to get a regular supply of high-quality clients
  • A tried, tested and trusted process to attract clients through steady flow of referrals by way of structured Word of Mouth Marketing to your business
  • Emotionally Charged Connection
  • Developing a Vision for your Business to maximize your Potential & that of your Team
  • Business Mission
  • Image Triage where your Image itself becomes a Referral Magnet
  • Target Market& Reaching the Target Market in the fastest manner
  • Referral Marketing Plan
  • Information, Support & Referral Networks
  • Measuring your Referral Relationship
  • Developing your Referral Sources, Contact Spheres & Power Teams
  • My Referral Partners
  • 16 Relationship Builders
  • Ten Commandments of Networking
  • 7 Kinds of Networks & 10 Steps in choosing the Right Network
  • Specialized Materials & Knowledge for building Deeper Relationships
  • Strategy to Generate Great Referrals
  • Developing your Sales Presentation
  • My Referral Receiving Process & Rewards to my Referral Partners
  • Strategies to create a Professional Image for me & my business
  • Putting all the stuff into the tool box
  • 86 + Strategies for Growth, Growth & Growth!!!

By choosing Relationship Marketingthe outcomes that you would receive

Increased Revenue

Develop more sustainable business by maximising all your revenue streams and attracting your most preferred clients. Grow your business by over 30% in the next 12 months.

More Free Time

Learn to how to save time in the business day and get more done.Delegate those tasks that stop you earning more money

Enhanced Skills

Increase your business skills and knowledge. Anyone can market their business with enough cash but doing it with limited funds require special skills and that skills you would master through Asentiv Pro.
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