Leadership & Leave a Legacy

Leadership & Legacy

I have heard that the Former Chief Minister of erstwhile Madras State Shri. Kamraj said after taking oath as the Chief Minister that it is only by the end of his tenure the world would know if the chair added glory to him or he brought fame to the position.

This was a very pertinent statement coming from a very tall and unsung leader from the southern state of India. I really believe most leaders derive fame from the chair that they occupy while legends leave glory to the position that they had occupied through their contributions.

India has seen 14 different Presidents till date from 1950 but the moment I mention President the one name that comes on top of everyone’s mind is APJ Abdul Kalam for the sheer contribution from the man. Leadership gives enormous scope to contribute.

These days I see lots of youngsters being reluctant to take up leadership positions and I for one would urge people to occupy leadership positions. With chair comes position and power and with that also comes the responsibility to make a difference and an opportunity to leave a legacy. It is the social responsibility of every good person to rise to the position of leadership. When capable persons rise to the leadership position they would leave a legacy and add glory to that position forever. When noble people don’t climb the ladder of leadership mediocres occupy those chairs and they just derive fame from that position.

Think of contribution of Jack Welch who transformed the DNA of GE during his tenure as CEO, think of TN Seshan the former Chief Election Commissioner of India who transformed a toothless body called Election Commission of India into a powerful organization which took on the might of corrupt politicians. Every time you occupy a leadership position is an opportunity to leave a legacy.

Every time I travel to Kenya and hit the highways the conversation would invariably feature about Kibaki the Former President of Kenya who transformed the roads across urban and rural Kenya. Occupying the chair is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring eternal glory to the position. If these leaders had refused to occupy the chair of Leadership the world would have missed the glory of those positions. 

Hence if you are a parent Inspire your children to take up leadership positions right from early days and even if you are a senior citizen take up the leadership position in your community and society.

And when we sit in the leadership position let us remember the words of Kamraj to bring glory to the position that we occupy.

Let the mission of every leader be to “Make a Difference & Leave a Legacy.’    

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