Treat Your Internal Customers With Empathy Lest You Lose Them

These unprecedented times have really helped us to differentiate between chalk and cheese. Several people working across sectors including professors from major universities have shared with me on how they have been overloaded with an enormous workload when they are working from home (WFH). A countless number of people told me that earlier they would

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Announce Your Arrival

Watching Wimbledon finals had become a routine in my life since the year 1982. Three years later I was keen to watch the match since 2 relatively unknown players reached the finals defeating legends like John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors & Ivan Lendl. A match between Kevin Curran & unseeded Boris Becker. World was waiting in

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Empowerment & Ownership

A few years ago I undertook an assignment of training people in one of Asia’s largest hospital group on “Patient Care and Service Excellence”. The project involved training Doctors and Management Executives across various departments. The core objective of my training was to infuse Sense of Ownership and Passion into people. I was delivering a

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